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Scandico Aluminium Awnings

Roll up awningsAluminium fixed metal awnings are exterior window and door covers which barely deteriorate. Their primary objective is to regulate heat, light and weather as they repel about 90% of the sun rays and heat which is usually emitted through doors and windows.
Few of several features of aluminium fixed metal awnings include:

  • Low maintenance and durability
  • Fixed canopy style
  • Sunshine control
  • Water Resistance
  • Attractive Exterior etc.

Apart from serving as coverings for your windows and doors, aluminium fixed metal awnings provide other benefits.

  1. As window shades, they reduce your energy costs by safeguarding your home's windows from unwanted heat, thereby helping to cut down on your utility bill.
  2. They keep your outdoor furniture. As people appreciate outdoor living style, they buy high quality outdoor furniture. Awnings offer the desired shade to protect them from deteriorating.
  3. They reduce exposure to untoward UV rays. Aluminium awnings help to reduce the rising cases of the skin cancer. Aluminium fixed metal awnings provide safety by lessening contact with the sun.
  4. Homes are additionally protected by outdoor blinds from sun light that may decolorize furnishings and the carpeting within the house.
  5. Consequent on several homebuyers' interest in outdoor living areas, outdoor blinds increase the value of the home. Awnings are one of the marketable features related to a residence that may raise your home's value.

If you have in mind to guard your house in the heavy rain, the scorching sun, or merely want a covered place outdoors to unwind by reading a magazine; outdoor blinds would be a wise solution. Aluminum fixed metal awnings are great, and lots of people favor them as a result, of growing environmental awareness. Awnings can be purchased in colors, styles and different sizes.

When purchasing outdoor blinds, you could choose the design and color that suit your home’s architectural design. Window shades add to the beauty of the house’s fascia.

Awning's prices are very inexpensive, compared to other home enhancements. There is an array of styles and sizes available, enabling homeowners to choose according to their budget and price. When one considers the immense benefits of window shades, it becomes almost impossible not fixing them to a home.

High quality products and fitting, unique style and durability have for long made Scandico aluminium awnings the Australian choice when it comes to awnings and outdoor blinds. Contact us today to arrange for a free measure and quote.

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