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It looks as though there is going to be another long hot summer, and we all know that means high energy bills. The need to cool the house while at home just to create a pleasant environment is an inevitable situation. Who can sleep while the home is extremely hot? That makes it a fact that we are going to cool the house, but this begs the question what ways can we cut the energy bill in the process?

Horizontal blinds Sunshine Coast CaloundraIt is said that if we have the proper cooling unit for the space we are looking to cool, as well as proper insulation then we can cut our energy costs, but it seems there is more that can be done. So if we are in for a long hot summer in the sunshine coast then what are ways to keep cool while not having to break the bank with the cooling costs? One answer is installing energy efficient blinds and awnings. Also here is a list of a number of ways to keep cool this summer with not creating a huge energy bill.

Cost Effective Home Cooling:

  1. When setting the thermostat temperature, set it at a warmer temperature while away, and make sure that it is always between 24 and 25 degrees while at home. This increase in the indoor temperature can save lots of money at the end of the months energy bill.
  2. Utilise multiple cooling units throughout the house and only cool areas which people occupy the most. Also, if you do not stay in the bedroom during the day, wait till later in the evening to begin cooling.
  3. Provide sun blocking blinds and awnings. Blinds and awnings can be utilised to protect the interior of the home, which will allow the home to not heat up as rapidly during the day. Also, blinds and awnings that have light colours that face the sun will deflect the suns heat.
  4. Begin planting trees which will grow large in order to cover windows, as well as provide a shade structure for the home. This will help insulate the home and not let the sun shine into the home and create a heating effect.
  5. Ensure that when the day begins to heat up that you have closed all the windows and blinds. It is essential to keep the cool air in the house, as well as block out the sun from warming the interior.
  6. When the weather cools at night, ensure to open all windows throughout the home to allow circulation of cool air breezes.
  7. With the use of fans, air circulation can keep the home feeling cooler with a perceived lower temperature.
  8. Upgrade the insulation system within the home. If your insulation is outdated then it might be time to upgrade. This will allow for less cool air to escape through the walls to the outside.
  9. Prior to utilising, ensure the air conditioners of your home have been serviced and are functioning efficiently. This will allow for less force and electricity to be used when in operation.

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